"I've hired Barry twice to write liner notes for my CD projects.  I couldn't have been happier with the results.  He came up with two very interesting and beautifully written pieces that revealed his depth of understanding about what I was trying to do with my music.  He is easy to communicate with, and he brought his work in well ahead of my deadline.  I can't wait to hire him again!”

Craig Bickhardt, singer/songwriter

"Barry always delivers eloquent, informative, entertaining notes (and has never missed a deadline).  He knows exactly how to pick the right details to make any story come to life.  It's great to know that when I need exceptional writing, Barry's just a phone call away.”

Cheryl Pawelski, President, Ominivore Records

“Sometimes people need a little help with interpreting the work of an artist. For ‘East of Bristol, West of Knoxville’ Barry Alfonso was a great choice because he was able to encapsulate the unique concept of the album in clear and vivid language, without going overboard. He cares about the music, and wants you to care about it too. And he's got the chops to pull if off with wit and style. What more could you want?”

Jordan Chassen, singer/songwriter

“I have been working with Barry Alfonso for over 25 years. He is truly one of the most versatile and reliable writers I’ve worked with. I specifically recall one of the first projects we worked on together that had us working over the weekend, and Barry was turning around liner note updates real-time for several constantly changing track lists! Several artists I’ve worked with have asked to have Barry write notes for their projects specifically. He’s one of the best!”

Patrick Milligan, Director, A&R – Rhino Entertainment